How it All Began

headshot of designer
Hi, my name is Joanna and like you, I’m a creative being. I’ve been making clothes ever since I can remember. My dolls had the best, and most glamorous, wardrobe on the bock. In elementary school all the girls in my class had a personalized sketch of their wedding dress. In junior high and high school, came the sewing classes and endless experimentation with sewing patterns. At that time, I also developed a healthy fear of the serger, but then again, haven't we all been there at some point in our sewing story?

Finally, I was formally trained in fashion design, pattern development and industrial sewing and tailoring techniques. Armed with my graduating collection and accolades from my college I landed my first job in the big and exciting fashion industry.  It was in Quality Assurance for a very big apparel company. I was devastated! But, wanting to get my foot in the door, I sucked it up, drowned my sorrow in several (many) martinis (it was the mid 90’s and they were the rage) and accepted the position.

Little did I know, the QA position would teach me about every aspect of the creative and production cycle: design development, fit, production patterns, pressing, shipping, fabrics, dyes and shrinkage.  It was the best education one could ever ask for.

Five years into the ever changing, fast paced fashion industry, it was time to strike out on my own. I spent over 10 years designing and creating made to measure pieces for some very amazing women. All were of different shapes, different needs and all wanted to look their most confident and beautiful.

Then, just as I was feeling it was time for a change, serendipity knocked on the door.

I met a woman who was about to change everything. A die hard home sewing fashionista, she came to me with a lace that she didn’t feel confident in tackling and turning into a top. We talked industry patterns, home sewing patterns, sewing instructions, fabrics and inspirations. I was captivated by her world, and she by mine.

Many months later, and under her guidance, Fresh Press Patterns was born.

I want Fresh Press Patterns to be about wardrobe building. With every season, I want to build on the previous pieces and grow your wardrobe.  Instep with today’s aesthetic and styling, I set out to create modern sewing patterns that will not only inspire your creative bug but also those around you. It is my hope that my patterns, coupled with my easy industry sewing techniques, will have both your friends and strangers stop you mid step and ask, “Where did you get that?”.  

Now, lets sew something!