Fresh Press Patterns

pillow with Hello written in it.

So how did this sewing pattern company get started?

Hi, my name is Joanna and like you, I’m a creative being and sewing is my outlet.  I’ve been making clothes ever since I can remember. My dolls had the best, and most glamorous, wardrobe on the block.

I can tell you all about my formal training, working in the fashion industry and that one time I almost bowled over a famous designer at a fabric trade show (I was running late for an appointment) but that's not why you're here.

Fresh Press Patterns couples modern sewing patterns with easy apparel industry sewing techniques.

Joanna Carpenter

Fresh Press Patterns is about wardrobe building.  Instep with today’s aesthetic and styling, I set out to create modern sewing patterns that will inspire your creative bug. 

Most importantly, Fresh Press Patterns is about slow fashion, building stylish classics and using today's sewing techniques that will elevate your finished garment. 

Now, lets sew something!