James Knit Pant

James Knit Pant

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SIZING: 2-20


This pant is for those days when you really just want to live in your leggings and ideally not leave the house.  But, hey, life is calling and you gotta get out there and look like you're ready for anything.  Enter the James pant.   

This pant pattern is designed especially for pant weight Ponte.  What is ponte?  A cousin to the heavier legging fabric, ponte is a double knit fabric.  Also know as Ponte de Roma, this heavy knit provides structure, moderate stretch and drape but still maintains the stretch and comfort of knitted fabric with the added advantage of strength and durability.  In other words, you'll look slick and polished but secretly you'll feel like you're wearing the most comfy stretchy legging ever!

This medium rise pant with a wide contour waistband that falls just below your natural waist hugs all the right curves and hides all that needs to be hidden. A center front invisible zipper closure eliminates excessive waistband bulk. The neatly pressed creases through the front will give the illusion of a slimmer leg. With the James Knit pant you'll have the look of a pant and the comfort of a legging.

Sewing instructions come with additional instructions to alter pattern into a modern bootcut knit pant.

Model is 5'8 and is wearing size 6.

FABRIC SUGGESTIONS: This pattern is meant for pant weight pointe knits ONLY.  One of my favourite pointe, a cotton and nylon blend, is produced by Telio.  This pattern will not work for a woven with stretch in it.

Fabric: 1.25- 1.6 yards
Invisible Zipper: 6"
Interfacing: width of waistband.

Instruction booklet: 7 pages 
PDF print at home pattern: 25 pages 
You may download this pattern 3 times before it expires.

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Instruction booklet will be sent digitally.  Printed pattern in A0 format will be sent via mail within 3-5 business days.