Walking Into Summer

Walking Into Summer

With the temperatures finally climbing up here in Canada, I'm really looking forward to navigating the heat in my loose and statement sleeved Milly dress. 

Now, of course, many of you are already well into summer temperatures and I'm taking full inspiration from how you've styled your Milly.


This beautiful Milly was photographed all the way down in sunny Florida.  There is nothing like a gorgeous oversized print that says summer.  

But, bright prints may not be for everyone.  Sometimes, light and clean is a great palette cleanser.  This Milly lives all the way in Australia and I love Tiffany's interpretation of the pattern.


Or, we may just need to go back to beautiful oversized prints like Divine Dita!!  You go GURL!

So what will I cut my next Milly dress out of?  Stay tuned!  And in the meantime, grab your pattern and show me how you're wearing your Milly!
Stay Creative!  ~Joanna
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