Sewing the Evi Dress for Summer

Sewing the Evi Dress for Summer

Hello All!

How is your Spring sewing going?  I wanted to share my latest pattern hack for the Evi dress.  This one is in a pretty cotton eyelet in black.  I know black isn't the first colour one thinks of when thinking of summer but there is something about it that says "I'm not about trends".  Funny enough, it's a trend!!

Evi dress

 So, I decided to give this "not a trend, but a trend" a whirl in a cotton eyelet.  Surely even though the dress is black, all the eyelets will let it say "summer".  Of course the eyelets present a problem...the dress will need to be lined in order to be wearable in public.  I contemplated a nude lining and even a white one to make the eyelets visually pop but instead opted for a light weight cotton lining in black.  I wanted demure and sophisticated. I wanted classic.  So then the other question was:  Black on black?  How is that summer? That's where I decided not to line the whole dress but just some of it.  Enough lining to cover things up and leave enough unlined to still show off the eyelet allowing the dress to look summery, breezy and light.  The lining only covered the bodice up to the V opening at the hem.  The rest of the dress, along with the sleeve, was left unlined.

Below, a few more inspiring summer dresses, on trend, in black.

black summer dressblack summer dressblack summer dress, short

Images: Net-a-Porter

Will you tackle black for the summer?  


Happy Sewing!





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