Only 42 Days Till Spring!  Here Are Your 4 Must Try Wardrobe Trends

Only 42 Days Till Spring! Here Are Your 4 Must Try Wardrobe Trends

I know it's just January and many of us are in the depths of winter but surely I'm not the only one already planning my Spring wardrobe.  Maybe because it's so cold and white outside, I'm writing from winter kissed western Canada, that it has me dreaming of less layers and more colour! 

Every "new" spring will always have the colours of white, black and tan in new silhouettes as well as a fresh take on stripes, florals and pastels. So, I thought I'd touch on some of the newer and more interesting ways to update your Spring '18 wardrobe.



In a sea of the usual brights and pastels, it's nice to see dark denim bring on a surprisingly sophisticated look. Keep in mind, to achieve this look you don't have to necessarily default to denim you can also go with dark washed silks or linen.

dark denim clothing pieces


Fresh, bright and daring?  Not a look you want to try on days when you just want to blend in, but I love it.

pink and red clothing


A fresh way to add lavender or any chalky pale hue to your wardrobe is to treat it like a neutral.  Wear it with dark denim, greys, etc.

lavender colour runway shots


Usually reserved for fall, plaids and checks are holding on firm for spring as well.  Take your pick from revamped summer colours or in traditional fair. The bonus of adding this trend into your wardrobe for spring?  Plaids and checks are still going strong into Fall 2018.

all images are from Vogue Runway


 Happy sewing!


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