Sewing Need Not Be Hard

Sewing Need Not Be Hard

I have a confession to make.  I know little of the home sewing industry.  I only ever worked with home sewing patterns waaaayyyy back when in high school when I took sewing as part of my Home Economics class.  The frustration of not really understanding the instructions and creating garments that were too big and somehow didn't look as chic at the pattern cover was enough to repel me from sewing patterns, and their instructions, for good.  

Well, until now.

Sewing should not be hard.  Yes, like with anything, it takes practice but it shouldn't be hard.  And so, it's my mission to share with you my industrial sewing and tailoring techniques, and stories, and demystify sewing once and for all.  I hope to show you simple industry based sewing techniques that will leave you with a professionally looking garment, in a lot less time.  Because, don't we all want even more free time to tackle even more sewing projects?

I think sewing is an art form and I celebrate all you creatives out there who have taken on the sewing machine in pursuit of creating something unique for yourself.  Together,, I hope we'll start creating something beautiful!


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