Making Statement Sleeves Stand Out

Making Statement Sleeves Stand Out

Statement sleeves are a huge, pun intended, trend right now.  So I thought I'd share a quick tutorial on how to give a little extra stand out power to your fashion sleeves.

Most statement sleeves fall a little flat.  I shared this little trick with all my Milly makers and now it's time to share it with you.

The secret to puffy statement sleeves?  Tulle, my friends.  In this picture Milly doesn't have tulle added to the sleeve head.

Milly sleeve


In this picture, I added the tulle to the sleeve head.  Beautiful!!

Sleeve head with tulle


All you need is a strip of tulle.  About 10"-12" in length and 3.5"-4"  in height.  You want slightly firmer tulle.  If it's too light, the weight of the fabric will crush it.  

Fold your tulle in half and gather it.

tulle sleeve head
Now, all you need to do is sew it into the crown of your sleeve.
tulle sleeve head
And that's all!  This faux Milly, has plenty of tulle in the sleeve head.  The statement sleeve becomes gravity defying!!
milly dress in faux leather
Have fun with your statement sleeves, and happy sewing.
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