Introducing Iris and Willow: Your New Sewing Patterns

Introducing Iris and Willow: Your New Sewing Patterns

Even though Spring has yet to make an appearance where I'm writing from, I thought it was time to start thinking about loose breezy spring tops.  And so my very first patterns for spring, Iris and Willow, were leased just a few weeks ago.

Meet Iris....

The clean lined, loose and chic top that I lived in all of last summer.  This pattern was designed last year for a Fall release, but I held it back till Spring because of the short sleeve. Testers are loving the back that wraps around to the front, creating a seamless side.  But don't take just my word for it... I loved the Iris as interpreted by the lovely Emmanuelle from Zoubi Zoubisou.  She's inspired me to add yet another Iris to my wardrobe.

And then there is Willow...

That simple delicate ruffle sleeve can only say Spring.  I fell in love with one Instagramer interpreting the Willow in a beautiful cream double gauze. Personally, I can't wait to make this one in a print... perhaps in a palms, pineapples and butterflies print?... Stay tuned!

I hope your spring sewing is off to a great start, regardless if spring has officially sprung or if it feel more like January, 108th day and counting.


Happy Sewing!




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