Introducing Sewing 101

Introducing Sewing 101

Hi Everyone!  I thought it'was time to restructure my blog a little.  Sure, I can keep on writing about fit, design inspirations and not needing to pre-wash your fabrics prior to sewing (a very polarizing topic!) but what good is any of that if we don't start at the beginning?

So here we are: Sewing 101.  Through this series, you'll learn sewing fundamentals as I was taught them in Design School.  You'll learn how the ready-to-wear industry sews.... everything!

I hope you'll read this series with an open mind.  I will challenge the conventional home sewing methods and show you a different way to sew.  

If you're new to sewing, read on!  This series is intended just for you.  I want to demystify sewing and share all my tips and skills that'll have you confidently tackling your next projects. 

Now of course, this series will be at its' best with your feedback.  Tell me what would you like to see covered? What are you struggling with?  What are your frustrations? I want to hear your stories.

I can't wait to hear from you!  And I hope to see you here next week as the Sewing 101 Fundamentals tackle layout and grainlines.


Happy Sewing!


Joanna 🌸

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