4 Spring 2019 Trends for Your Handmade Wardrobe

Love them or hate them runway fashion trends influence the silhouettes you'll be coveting next season, and the colours and prints of the fabrics you'll be buying for your next sewing project. So why not use them to your advantage and be a little strategic in your planning?  Below you'll find four trends that are not only strong for this Spring/Summer but are also showing up on the Fall/Winter 2019 runways.  
1.It's ALL Black and White
In a sea of seasonal "must have" colours, this is the ultimate "anti-trend" trend.  You'll never go wrong with black and white.  When you are investing your time and money in creating your handmade wardrobe don't overlook there two colours.  Whether you wear one colour head to toe or mix it up with prints and textures, black and white has your back. What's new for this Spring is the introduction of the traditional "fall check" in light and decidedly spring fabrics. 
In stores now....
Runway Fall/Winter 2019/20
2. Utility Dressing
Another wardrobe building "trend" that is timeless.  The only thing that will change is fabrics and proportions but this is a staple that will give your wardrobe lasting power.  Do it in neutrals and you'll have season-less pieces you can layer year round.
3. Seeing Red
Red is all over the runway for next season, it's also showing up everywhere right now for Spring.  It's the one colour that will never show up on the fad list.  If you want to push this trend, interpret red into an a-symmetrical dress, skirt, or power suit.
On the runway for Fall/Winter 2019/20
And lastly...
4.  Mellow Yellow
If you really want to hop on the bandwagon of a trendy colour, go with this warm
sunshine yellow.  If mustard and the sun had a baby... it would probably look like this.  It's strong for spring and still seems to be holding well into the Fall/Winter season.  Fall is imagining this colour in statement making coats.
Right now...
And there you have it!  I hope you're pumped up for a new sewing season. I'd be curious to hear which of these trends or images have left you inspired.  I'd love to hear from you here in the comments section or come and join the sewing community on Instagram and let's connect there. 
Happy Sewing,

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